Business Blogging

I have written on topics related to Sustainability, Construction, Marketing, and Energy Efficiency. Below are a few select samples.

Topic or themePublished at
Website and Content Management in a Nutshell (Jan 2022)Special Project
Sustainability Conversations Need to Move Out of the Conference Rooms (Jul 2019)LinkedIn Pulse
Why Every Business Must Include Podcasts As a Part Of Their Content Strategy.
(Sept 2016)
Bonoboz Agency’s Blog. Read and listen to Part 1and Part 2
What is Content Management? (Aug 2016)Presentation on LinkedIn
ECEEE Summer Study- Technical Paper (2012)European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Training to Enable Livelihood and Development (2012)Livelihoods India
Development of Green Buildings in India
(3 part series, 2012)
Schneider Electric Corporate Blog. Click to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
How to calculate carbon emissions in construction (Oct 2010)See the slideshare presentation below

Presentations and Webinars

Forest Certification: An Indian Scenario (2021)

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy- Business Case to Counter Corruption in India (2014)

I had made this presentation during my MBA program at IIM Ahmedabad.
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