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My Posts on LinkedIn

Over the years I have published several posts on LinkedIn on topics ranging from Sustainability, communication, productivity and construction. Below are some of my most read posts, in reverse chronological order.

Content Scorecard: April-May 2022

Our Content Scorecard for the past two months -Recorded over 70 hours of content -Written or edited over half a million words of text (that is a Million with a M), - Produced over 400 podcast episodes in 6 languages, Across 16 current shows and 12 new podcasts

Getting back into the writing groove

What I learnt from publishing 90 blog posts in a year

Sustainability Conversations Need to Move Out of the Conference Rooms

Water Woes – Addressing at the Source

Have you the checked the quality of the water that you use?

What I learnt from Volunteering at a Bear Rescue center

How We Beta Tested a Podcast using WhatsApp