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Thank you for visiting. Over the past few days, I have updated this site. My blog has been moved to its own subdomain, Click the button below if you would like to visit by blog.

Welcome | Namaskaar

Husband | Dog Lover | Explorer

My name is Amar Vyas, and I am a husband, dog lover, author, podcaster, and a sustainability consultant. I live in Bengaluru.

Image of Amar Vyas.

I write fiction, nonfiction books as well as blog on a variety of topics including Sustainability, Podcasting, and Corporate Blogging.

On this site, you can find information about my books, poetry, podcasts and blog. I created this site as a way to develop a daily writing habit. I plan to write one post every day, on a topics that may be of interest to you (they certainly are of interest to me!) : reviews of products and services, podcasting, entrepreneurship, travel, and more.

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