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Introducing Why Businesses Fail – a Storytel Exclusive

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Welcome to this post for Day Number 21 of the Blogging Challenge for February 2022. For MyPod Mondays, I am excited to introduce to you our latest show- Why Businesses Fail. This is a Business Podcast that discusses examples from business history.

Update: Why Businesses Fail has been launched in Mid 2022, you can learn how to listen and subscribe by visiting here

Introduction to Why Businesses Fail

Why businesses fail is a 10 part audio series created by gaathastory as a Storytel Exclusive. The premise of this show is that there are multiple reasons because of which a business can experience failure.

These range from spreading yourself too fast to them, not aiming to grow bigger, too late to any given market, too. Early to enter a particular market. Government policies external factors such as climate change or a cybersecurity incident, and financial fraud are some of the reasons of which climate change and cyber risk don’t get talked enough. If we look at the historical body of business literature, we will find plenty of instances around fraud or wrong you know, failure of our product, wrong timing for market entry and so on. And then, of course, government intervention, our government policy.

A Business Podcast on Business History

So, we will endeavor to have some historical background behind a particular reason for failure. Some examples that may resonate well with you and we will bring in subject matter experts to talk about a failure that they may have experienced firsthand or were a part of the team who actually led the path to recovery. Because our aim is not just to highlight the cause for the failure but also what is the way out of that situation.

The audience for this show will be predominantly early career professionals and mid career professionals, our English speaking audience in urban Indian cities, we will endeavor at a future point in time to have this show in other Indian languages as well.

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Why Businesses fail is an interview and discussion based podcast

This post was published as a part of MyPod Mondays during 2022 blog challenge and was updated on 12 June 2023

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