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Life in a Harmonic Motion

  • Poetry
  • 1 min read

I wrote this poem in November 2022. It began as a series of short sentences that were meant to be a play on words to describe a heated debate in an online community forum. A few words later, this poem arose from the lines of prose!

Some online forums have drama and commotion,

The participants haven’t the slightest notion…

While they rant with splendid candour and devotion,

Their posts and images evoke emotion

Some might call it a desire to get noticed,

others might say it’s temptation.

Often the discussion lead to no conclusions,

Many, they will need ablution.

To the beaches, requires mini vacation…

But the images do offer some ministration.

The offers come with promise and provocation,

The wait causes anxiety and consternation.

Daytime for some, passes with expectation.

Night for others, with hope or frustration.

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