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Benchmarks of Virtual Private Servers

List of Virtual Private Servers Reviewed


Between Mid-2019 and End 2022, I tested several Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for own use or for reviews. The tools I used were YABS (Yet Another Benchmarking Service) and similar benchmark tools, as well as network testing ranging from Speedtest to iperf. What began as a curiosity (what is this beast called server benchmarking?) turned into a hobby of sorts- and I learnt a lot along the way.

As on January ’23, I have decided to step away from running benchmarks of servers. If I do look at a specific plan from a provider, I will focus on a wider review (customer service, ease of ordering, payment terms, etc.). And I mention If.

For all intents and purposes, this page should be considered as an index or archive of the server benchmarks and reviews.

-Amar Vyas, Feb ’23

I encourage you to visit the directory of YABS for multitude of servers on the LowEndSpirit site.

Please note the following:

a. I have discontinued most of the services listed below.

b. Some benchmarks or services were for testing purposes only, and not a reflection of long term performance of the VPS or the provider. For a complete review, the additional criteria that need to be considered include:
-Ease of ordering and billing system
-Time for activation after payment
-Network configuration, custom ISO for operating system installation
-Network performance – iPerf and speedtest
-Troubleshooting : FAQ and customer support
-Overall robustness of the service and the provider

c. Some providers such as Nexusbytes, Hostslick, and Stockservers are no longer in business. Others have merged (PHP Friends and Avoro) or have been acquired (e.g. Wishosting).

I have added notes for the status of the respective service or provider as on January 31, 2023. This information is on a best effort basis, particularly for providers.

Image for YABS

Click on any link below to read the review in detail for that VPS. Names marked in Bold, are work in progress reviews and will be published shortly. A review of a VPS will typically include benchmark (Yet Another Benchmarking Script or YABS, and Speedtest) as well as the overall purchase experience, use cases if any.

Types of Servers benchmarked or reviewed

I. KVM based VPS

Service period or the timing of testing mentioned in parenthesis.

Greencloud VPS – 2020  (Discontinued)
and 2021 offers (Singapore, Aug 2021 – Present)

PHP Friends

(Germany, Oct 2019 – Oct 2021)

(Germany, Jan 2020-Jul 2020)

Note: PHP-Friends and Avoro have merged as on 2022.


(London, BF 2019 -1 Yr)


(Netherlands, BF 2019- 1 Yr)


(Singapore, Sept -Nov 2020)

(Dallas, Jan-Mar 2020)


(Australia, Nov 2019-1 Yr)


(Dallas, Dec 2019- Oct 2021)


(Dallas, USA, Aug 2019-Aug 2020)

Terrahost, Norway (LXC)
(2021, Provider got acquired by Epic)
(Australia, Jan 2020-Mar 2021)

Inception Hosting

(UK,Nov 2020- Nov 2021)


(Chicago, USA, BF 2020 – 1 Yr)

Hostsolutions(Romania, Jan 2021)


Provider out of business

Virmach (Chicago+ New York)
(Nov 2019-Nov 2020)

(New Jersey, USA, Nov 2020 -Present)

(Amsterdam, Aug 2021-Present)

Naranja Tech, Netherlands

4 GB VPS (Jan 2021-Dec 2021)

1GB VPS (Jan 2022-Dec 2022)


I a. Servers For Testing*


(Phoenix, April 2020)

and (Mumbai, May 2020)

Servers Galore

(Melbourne, AU Dec 2020)


Provider out of business


(Singapore, Dec 2020)

Webhosting24 – VPS

Singapore and Munich, 2021

(Netherlands, July 2020)


List of VPS reviewed for testing purposes only. reviews and opinions are my own


IntoVPS (Cluj, Romania, 2019)Datawest (Perth, Australia, 2020)
Dade2 Cloud (Iceland, 2020)Lunanode (Toronto, Canada, 2020)

ReadyDedis (3 GB, Mumbai)

(Nov 2020-Feb 2022)

ReadyDedis (1 GB, Mumbai)

(July-Sept 2020)

Typically most servers were online and under testing for one month duration

III. Cloud VPS

IntoVPS (Cluj, Romania, 2019)
Updated Feb ’23
Datawest (Perth, Australia, 2020)
Dade2 Cloud (Iceland, 2020)Lunanode (Toronto, Canada, 2020)

ReadyDedis (3 GB, Mumbai)

(Nov 2020-Feb 2022)

1 GB VPS Mumbai
(July-Sept 2020)

Stromonic Mumbai

VPS -1

VPS-2 (Dec 2022- )
Cloudcone USA
(Dec 2022-)
Advin Servers, Mumbai
(Dec 2022- )
Typically most servers were online for atleast one month duration


Note: The Freebox service has been discontinued. By end of Jan 2023, I will only retain two active NAT services, namely, Webhorizon Singapore and NATVPS, France. The latter will be discontinued in Nov ’23. All other services have been discontinued. This includes three NATs from Inception Hosting, as well as KVM NAT from Webhorizon. The benchmark results have been retained on this page for archival purposes.

Gullo’s (Finland, Bulgaria, Germany)

Discontinued Nov. 2021



Service discontinued by provider

MrVM (Mumbai)

(August 2021-Mar 2022)

Webhorizon (Singapore)

(April 2021-Present)

UK (2021, testing only)

Dec 2022-Dec 2023


Wishosting, France


V. Storage Servers

During Black Friday 2020 I signed up for multiple Storage Plans and decided to create a separate category for this index page.

Servarica Polar Bear Storage

2 TB Canada (Nov 2020-Nov 2021)

Inception Hosting 500 GB

(Nov 2020-April 2022)

and 1 TB Storage VPS ,

(Nov 2020-April 2021)

GreencloudVPS, 1 TB, Singapore
(Nov 2021- Nov 2024)

Hosthatch 2 TB storage, London

(Nov 2020-Nov 2024)

500 GB Storage
Stockholm (Nov 2021-Nov 2024)
List of Reviews or Benchmarks for Storage Servers

Update February 2023: During Black Friday 2021, I opted for long term plans ( 2 or 3 years) from Hosthatch and GreencloudVPS. You will find the results from those storage serves on this page as well. These services are active as on February 2023.I had also signed up for a 1 TB plan from Interserver, which has been discontinued as on 31 Jan ’23.

VPS reviews for Nexusbytes

3 part review series, 2019

(Part I, Part II, Part III)

New York, Ryzen VPS (2019)

VPS-Plan2 (2020)

Singapore 3 GB KVM

(2020, updated 2022)

Entrybytes, Netherlands

(April 2021-April 2022)

Nexusbytes Germany had a smaller storage, which was tied to a VPS Plan I had with them.

Note: As on 31 January ’23, Nexusbytes appear to be no longer in business. Therefore, the below posts will be merged and archived. The list is being retained for reference purposes only.