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A Spiritual Take on Social Media

I was working on the draft of my upcoming book “The Social Media Alphabet“, when a thought came to mind. What if Different Social Media sites were incarnations of different deities?

A different take on Social Media Sites

Some early morning web analogies for the “networked” mind

Wikipedia, chatGPT, google

The “Tridev” (holy Trinity) of knowledge… or dis-information, as the case may be.

Wikipedia is like Lord Brahma… creates content.

Google is Lord Vishnu… nurtures (ie helps us find) content

chatGPT is like Lord Mahesh…. ‘bhasma’ fies (burns down)everything we know … albeit by giving its own interpretation or posting dated information.

Reddit is the proverbial Rushi… knowledgeable yet temperamental.

Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat are Menaka , Rambha, Urvashi… the Apsaras who cause distraction by outpouring of oomph and temptation.

A good Shopify setup is Maa Lakshmi. Source of wealth.

Whatsapp is like Aastha Channel. Gyaan 24×7 but mostly ignored.

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