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Introducing my new blog All Things Content

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In this blog post, I discuss my decision to create a new blog and separate it from this very blog. With eight categories, this blog was getting rather complicated to maintain. I intend to focus on posts related to writing and podcasting, particularly on sustainability. The new “All things Content” blog will focus on topics related to technology. Traffic to the new blog is gradually increasing, indicating that it’s finding an audience. While maintaining two blogs poses certain challenges, it allows for creating a content schedule that is more sustainable in the long run. This post concludes by a mention of my choice of using the lesser-known CMS, Bludit, for the new blog because of its theme and simplicity.


As I prepared to write new content for my blog, one thought kept recurring: having eight categories might be excessive. Four of these categories were tailored to a technically inclined audience, focusing on Linux, open source, images, and content delivery networks. However, I desired my blog to primarily revolve around my writing and podcasting endeavors, with a specific emphasis on sustainability. Consequently, it seemed fitting to create a new blog that would separate these distinct themes.

I recently launched All Things Content (, an exclusive blog dedicated to computer technology, hardware upgrades, and my personal experimentation with computer systems. This allowed for a more logical division of content, better catering to the diverse interests of my readers. Tracking the traffic on the notes subdomain for the past few weeks, I’m pleased to observe a gradual increase, indicating that the blog is successfully reaching its intended audience, who are finding the content valuable.

Decision to launch a new blog

While maintaining two separate blogs certainly poses its challenges, the ongoing bifurcation process entails gradually migrating all my previous technology-related posts to the new subdomain. This includes topics like web hosting, virtual private servers, benchmarks, image compression, and content delivery networks. Presently, the new subdomain operates on the Bludit content management system, which adequately fulfills its intended purpose. I have the flexibility to consider a different CMS in the future if necessary; however, for the time being, Bludit suits my needs perfectly. Regular publication of both Markdown and HTML files ensures a streamlined workflow. This change enables me to maintain focused themes for each blog, preventing any unnecessary clutter on the main site. I hope that this transition proves to be both useful and relevant to readers based on their specific interests.

Have you encountered situations where you had to consider altering or dividing your blog? I am eager to hear your thoughts and experiences.

When faced with such decisions, exploring various options becomes vital. Initially, I contemplated starting a completely new domain and establishing a blog from scratch. Alternatively, I contemplated purchasing a subscription for a pre-built content management system, allowing me to concentrate solely on writing without the concerns of managing, maintaining, customizing, and updating a new CMS.

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Ultimately, I opted for Bludit due to its smaller community and less widespread popularity. While it may not be as extensively supported as larger content management systems, it aligns with my preference for a flat-file CMS platform. Additionally, this choice feels like a full circle as my blogging journey commenced with Bludit, and it now returns to its origins in July 2020. Despite encountering some challenges with web page rendering and requiring initial customization, I am currently satisfied with Bludit’s stock blog theme. I will be sharing a separate post on my other blog to delve further into this topic. For now, I conclude this post with the anticipation that this change will yield positive outcomes.

Image showing the mis-spelt word "Content" on whiteboard. Blog of Amar vyas

Way Forward with blogging

As I continue migrating content and nurturing the new blog, I eagerly anticipate the growth and development of both platforms. Although managing two blogs can be demanding, the separation allows me to provide focused content to specific audiences. This journey presents exciting opportunities for exploration and engagement. I will closely monitor the progress of the new blog and adapt as necessary. Your support and feedback hold immense value, and I encourage you to explore both blogs, discover relevant content, and actively participate in the discussions. Together, we can forge meaningful connections and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of digital content. Thank you for being part of this journey, and stay tuned for further updates and insights from both blogs.