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Side Note: How I count the Words for blog posts

I use a variety of writing tools and programs for my blog posts. One my goals is to try different SaaS (Software As a Service) tools that we have subscribed. The challenge is, many of these tools count words in a different manner. In order to avoid any mis-understanding, I would like to clarify the following:The published word count for nearly every post published during the February #bloggingchallenge is actually less than the actual wordcount.

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Spring cleaning this blog

Today being a Sunday, I was scheduled to publish a post on the theme “SaaSy Sundays” that is, writing about Software as a Service products that I use for gaathastory or for this blog. Instead, I am publishing the below update

Update Progress with blogging in Feb 2022:  7 posts published, Total: 5,900 words.

Additionally, one guest post of ~ 2,200 words is scheduled to be published in a day or two.

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